Our Story

Melides, Portugal

Pa.te.os were born from the pleasure of being outdoors, travelling, architecture, and hosting friends. Sofia and Miguel Charters were personally involved in this project from day one and followed along with the construction of these houses surrounded by the wildlife of Serra de Grândola. Their intent was to explore the concept of patio (our courtyard) to offer a spread-out use of the exterior while keeping comfort and privacy as a main priority.

Pa.te.os are the perfect place to disconnect from the day-to-day rush and delve into the stillness and long afternoons of Alentejo, immersing in the sounds and fragrances of the surrounding nature and the beauty of simple things. A welcoming place, a home away from home. Pa.te.os are a way of being among the elements, seeking a more peaceful, authentic, and contemplative life.

Pateos, Melides

At Pa.te.os, projected by the renowned Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, our senses seek refuge in the plain interiors, where solid wood and natural materials stand out with sand, ash and pearl hues.