Melides, Portugal

Aware that smells rekindle memories, and that these memories let us remember moments and enjoy the simplest things in life, Sofia and Miguel decided to create a scent that would become an integral part of the identity of Pa.te.os.

For this, they commissioned the British perfumer Lyn Harris to craft an olfactory landscape that enraptures the guests, stimulating their senses and allowing them to wander away. Harris is revered for her sophisticated fragrances created with natural ingredients, an art she brought back to modern perfumery, and has established her own perfume brands, Miller Harris and Perfume H.

Pateos, Melides

When she arrived in Melides, Harris says she got lost in the expanding horizon. The first scents appealed to her experienced nose, and she embodied them in her creation, which carried the intention of capturing the air of Alentejo and the perfume of the trees enveloping Pa.te.os:

“The sea breeze merges into the fragrance of the pine trees… A smell I had been looking for in its essence but had not been able to feel until I got here, where I truly experienced it. I wanted to bottle up this purity forever and intersect it with the materials of this unique project, such as the wood, the slate and the concrete with a hint of sea moss and pine. The earth and the stone, a magical feeling you won’t be able to uncover anywhere else.”

A unique and inspiring place she wanted to keep in a bottle, encapsulating a touch of its “purity, beauty, space, breathing, and silence.”